Project Admin Services

vConstruct is providing Project Administration Services for projects in the areas of Slip sheeting Bulletins/ASIs/Addenda, Post RFIs and Hyperlink to Drawings, Drawing overlays, clouding and annotating, PCI Management. For RFI Submittal and Suport we look into Distribution of RFIs/ Bulletins with RFQ, Close RFIs in CMiC, Create Submittal Log, QC Submittal, create Transmittal, etc. For BIM to Field effort we offer service for Publishing BIM to Field (Glue, etc.), Model version comparisons, etc. We also provide reporting services involving Collection of Data, Publishing project dasboard and KPI reports.

RFI Submittal & Support

We offer services in distributing RFIs/Bulletins with RFQ, Close RFIs in CMiC, Create Submittal logs, QC Submittals and [...]

Publish to BIM 360 Field/Glue/Plan/Layout

We offer services to push BIM to Field by publishing models to BIMfor Field (Glue, etc) and also provide Model Version C [...]

Project KPI Reporting

Services we offer under PAS for reporting includes Collecting project data, Publishing Project Dashboard of RFI and docu [...]

Pre-Construction Document Control & Information Management

vConstruct offers Project pre-construction Document control and information management services in the form of slip shee [...]

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